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Bremenn Clinical Vysera - CLS

Bremenn Clinical Vysera-CLS


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Quick Overview

Bremenn Clinical Vysera-CLS is a twice-a-day supplement that can reshape your body entire body in 30 days.
Bremenn Clinical Vysera-CLS is a blend of vitamins and fat burning/body reshaping ingredients which work to keep you from gaining weight while also reshaping your body. You'll drop inches from your waist, hips, thighs, and tummy while it burns fat. Best of all, you don't have to starve yourself. You can eat more than 2,000 calories per day while your body will absorb a fraction of the calories. If that's not enough, its patented compound has an added proprietary mood-elevating, feel-good energy component that will keep you energized and eliminate "diet fatigue".

Detailed Information

Warning Do not take any sort of supplements or weight loss drug while pregnant. This supplement contains caffeine and caffeine-like ingredients that may cause rapid heart rate in some individuals. Do not take this if you are sensitive to caffeine.
Weight Multiple Items
Directions Take one capsule just before each of your two main meals of the day.
Related Products This product complements other Bremenn Research Lab products.
Conditions Firmness
Type of Product System
Ingredients Vitamin B3, Calcium, Chromium, Phaseoulus compressus DC, Cacao, Milk Thistle, Chlorella Algea Powder, Shali Powder, Schizonepeta Powder, Klamath Blue-Green Algea, Trimethylxanthine, Cayenne Powder, Cutch Tree Powder, Velvet Bean Powder, Magnolia Officinalis Powder, Panax ginseng, Passionflower Powder, Lemon Balm Powder, Jujube Powder, Chinese Skullcap Powder, Poria Cocos Powder

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